Monday, March 14, 2011

Domo's Destinations, Part One!

Welcome to part one of Domo's Destinations!! In this episode: Pet Store! (Captions by me and Twin! Funnier parts by Twin!)

Domo says: "OUTSIDE!  This is not the sofa!  Today is the best day EVAR!"

Doma doesn't think Guinea pigs look like guineas or pigs.  "Are they tasty?  Will they help me destroy cities?  What's the point?"

Domo views guinea pigs from above.  "Do you guys want to be my minions?  I do need minions."

Who is cuter, Domo or puppy?  "I come in peace, furry one.  Please do not chew on me."

Domo goes Aquatic.  "Guys, are scuba suits expensive?  Because I would really like to go swimming, but I don't work the wet look."

Domo can swim!  "Sing the Jaws theme! SING IT!"

Domo considers catching some dinner.  "FISH.  Beer batter yourself, deep fry, then get in my belly!  NOW."

"Grow, little lizard.  Together we will stomp on buildings and wreak havoc."

 "Did you run over him?  Why is he so flat?  Tell me what you did to him!"

Domo fears the albino snake! But not because he's white. That would be racist.  "No, it's because it's a snake.  If it's a python, how is it going to find my neck?  It's going to wrap itself around my armpit and I'm gonna get all 127 Hours'd!"

Domo wants to talk car insurance, but the gecko is not on duty, it seems.  "TELL ME HOW I CAN SAVE 15%  OR MORE!  I will also settle for Flo's number."

Domo noms on a chew toy.  "Diff fing taftef  like baffrobe."

Domo is admonished, because said chew toy has not been purchased yet. "I was just getting sampling!  Is that not allowed here?"

Domo is ashamed.  "I have been chastised.  I am torn between despair and the urge to stomp things."

Domo gets a birds-eye view of birds.  "So what's the deal with you guys?  Your arms are weird.  Wait, they make you levitate?  That's AMAZING."

Domo has a wonderful idea! Domo should totally try flying!  "I can totally do this.  Those things are teeny and feather covered.  I am Domo.  I will FLY!"

It's wooorrkkking!  "I'm Flying, Jack! I'm--"

FAIL.  "Owwww.  Need a little help here."

Now Domo really sees birdies...  "You saw nothing, do you understand me? NOTHING!"

Does this sweater make Domo look square?  "I feel pretty!  Oh, so pretty!  I feel pretty and witty and--- are you taking my picture?  It's just for us, right?  Don't put this on the internets.  I trust you."

Domo considers becoming a prissy purse pet.  "If Paris Hilton lays one finger on me, though, I am OUT."

Caged Domo!  "I don't think I like this.  It's not cushy at all, and I can't seem to find the TV.  What am I, an animal?  Wait... am I?"

Domo mustn't lick his stitches.  "This will really help sell it to Flo.  I'm gonna marry her."

Domo wishes to tell you that his water dish is empty.  "And just how am I supposed to jacuzzi in an empty water bowl, huh?!:

Domo always takes the stairs.  "As someone wise once said, escalators can never break.  They can only become stairs.  Plus, elevators are big death boxes, I saw it on 20/20 or something."

Flyin' atcha!  "Domo must go now!  I will return when you need me most!  Or when my humans are bored.  Whichever comes first!"

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notanillusion said...

I honestly think this may be my favorite thing that I do to be funny. :-D