Thursday, August 18, 2011

That's how it's done!

Month one of Clomid!  So far, no major side effects, although it's early for some of that. Just a little breast tenderness and a little cramping.  My OPK was positive today, CD 16!  That's early for me, I'm usually CD 18-22.  I'm having pain in my right ovary too, and I never have ovulation pain.  Good sign, I think.  I'm encouraged, but trying not to stress.  I don't really expect it to work the first month. 

In other news, we're on vacation this week.  Monday was the fair and we had an awesome time!  Tuesday my mom and I went to southern Indiana to visit several cemeteries and take pictures of the graves of our relatives. It was a lot of fun and very interesting too!  One of my relatives helped found the tiny town and so there were really big memorials of their family!

Yesterday we took Tyler to the GI specialist and then went out to lunch and today we did some garage sailing.  I got a bean bag chair for Tyler for a dollar and a garden hose reel for $4.  Score! 

Relaxation and house work tomorrow and then on to the weekend!  Why aren't vacations longer?

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Darcy said...

I wish life was one big permanent vacation. :) Everybody needs to have fun. Yay for not dealing with many side effects.