Friday, October 28, 2011

Suck it, October

This month SUCKS.  Praise Jeebus it only has 3 more days, two of which are weekend.  Work has been awful, Tyler hasn't felt well and will have his endoscopy next week, so he can't take his reflux meds and it's already bothering him.  And, not surprisingly, I'm not pregnant.

Okay, shake it off...letitgo

Good things!  I'm going to have a niece in April!!  My sister in law, who has three wonderful boys that I love to bits, is finally going to have a girl!  I can't wait to meet Elizabeth Grace!!

Tyler peepeed in the potty for the first time yesterday!  With all of his constipation problems, potty training has been delayed for the most part, and it was totally an accident that he went, but it's the first step!  My big boy!!!

Good things...good things...I could probably think of more, but I'm tired and cranky, so that's all I got!  Come on November, bring me good things!

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Anonymous said...

Come on November is right! October was a bad month all around. You and me both need some positive happenings in November. I'll keep praying for you!