Monday, November 7, 2011

Through the rough

Boy am I glad this week is over!  Tyler had his endoscopy and reflux study Thursday.  He did GREAT...until he woke up afterward.  Then he was understandably scared and wanted nothing more to do with any of the equipment or staff.  He had a tube in his nose that was attached to the probe he'd have to wear for 24 hours. He hated it, I hated it.  But we got through it.  He was such a brave little guy and I was so proud of him.

The experience sucked over all.  The doctor was being an ass and the nurses hadn't explained the procedure clearly when it was scheduled. We were totally unprepared with all it entailed. Several times we were given contradictory information or told something that then ended up not correct.  All in all, I'm glad it's over. We don't have results yet but I won't be taking Tyler back to that doctor.

It was also Halloween this week.  Tyler had a lot of fun trick or treating.  He went as Thomas the Tank Engine, which he is obsessed with!  He has just about doubled his collection of toy trains over the last two weeks, some as gifts for being a big brave boy this week and two of them for going potty in his big boy potty!  He has done that 3 times.  I know it's probably all by accident, but it's a great start with potty training, since we haven't been trying very hard before now.  He's had such issues with constipation, we haven't focused on it before now.

You were going to get pics of trick or treating, but since my husband restored my computer and hasn't put the driver for the SD card back on, it'll have to wait!  I wrote this post days ago, so I'd better go ahead and publish it!

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missohkay said...

Aww poor little guy! I've been a bad commenter lately, but I do keep up with your blog, by the way :)
Responding to the comment you left me over here where I'm less likely to get in trouble for forbidden blogging... we've been matched with a girl. The pictures were sort of a hint without being able to say it ;)