Thursday, June 28, 2012

Feelin' hot hot hot...and not so hot

The National Weather service predicted a high of 105 degrees today.

I'm not sure if it's the heat, but I've been feeling crummy all day, just drained and nauseated and blah.  I'm beginning to think that even I may have underestimated the impact the heat this summer would have on a pregnant me.

25 weeks pregnant this week!  My little eggplant might be getting grilled in there with this heat, but he's getting more active every day!  In fact, I'm puzzled because I have been feeling him wiggle very low in my pelvis AND feeling bumps and thumps at the very top of my stomach--like the VERY top. I know he's not up there yet, so I can only guess that this is the result of kicks directed at the placenta that I can't feel and I'm getting some sort of shock wave from it or something. But I'd swear it felt like a fist or a foot!

Aside from today's not-so-hot state of being, I generally can't complain this pregnancy!  I have back pain and I'm still bothered by round ligament pains quite a bit (even though my OB said those usually go away by 20 weeks), and fatigue that doesn't seem to want to let go this time around, I feel pretty good for pregnant!  I guess when you spent nine months nauseated and miserable normal aches and pains and annoyances of pregnancy don't seem so bad!

Each week that ticks by makes me realize how much I have to get done for this baby!  He is still officially nameless.   We just haven't come up with anything we love yet!  We also have yet to really start his bedroom.  He will be sleeping in our room for the first few months in a bassinet, but I still want his room to be done well before he's born.  Our former office/spare bedroom is still full of junk, boxes, etc so we need to finish cleaning that out.  Then we need to take down the one wall of wall paper (Who does that?  Oh yeah, the lady that used to own our house), paint--right now I'm thinking about putting up a chair rail and painting a solid color below and doing stamps of dinosaurs or dino foot prints above--and of course bring in furniture.  We are going to swap out Tyler's bookshelf and use it in the baby's room because it's tall and not super sturdy.  We plan to transition him to a toddler bed before the baby is born (one less thing to do with a newborn in the house) and since that means he'll probably be getting out bed sometimes at night I want his furniture to be very safe.  We will move some shorter bookshelves into his room.  The changing table and at least one of the dressers will also move to the baby's room.  We will be purchasing a new chair or glider for the new babies room plus various decorative items.  We found a sort of baby dinosaur-patchwork theme set that I think we're going to use.

WHEW!  So, the to-do list is basically this:
-Clean out baby's room.
-Paint, decorate
-Transition Tyler to big-boy-bed
-POTTY TRAIN TYLER (that's ongoing, but I'm determined that it be done by the time the baby is born--Like I really have a say in that!)
-Go through baby clothes
-Check car seat to see if we can reuse it

I'm sure there is more but my brain is going fuzzy and I'm yawning so I'm done!

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Darcy said...

You'll get it all done. :) I don't have any words of wisdom on the potty training. Since he's almost 3 1/2, you could try just making the switch to regular underwear and go from there. Also, I don't know how you're doing it, but when Will decided he was ready, he basically didn't want much to do with a potty chair and only uses the big potty. He's been out of his crib for well over a year already and sleeps in a twin bed with a rail on the side. He likes the space because he moves around a lot. The sooner you make that transition, the easier it will be. Woohoo for 25 weeks! Stay out of the heat and drink lots of ice water. :)