Thursday, June 7, 2012

Make Lemonade

22 weeks pregnant!  Baby boy is the size of a papaya.  I need to check one out at the store, since I'm not familiar with them.

Today, I had a pregnancy craving.  I wanted lemonade.  I went out to get some lunch at a local deli.  I ordered my sandwich and grabbed a cookie to go with it.  I paid for my lunch and realize I'd forgotten to tell the cashier I wanted a cookie.  Oh well, I figured I'd just put it back.  But then the very nice lady behind me insisted on buying it for me--did she spy my baby bump?  So nice, right?  So I got my food and a nice big glass of lemonade and left feeling pleased.

That feeling was short-lived.  I pulled into my parking space at work and my lemonade tipped over and the Styrofoam cup was impaled by an unknown object.  A horizontal geyser of lemonade poured out of the hole and spayed around the interior of my car, filling the cup and change holders and soaking the carpet beneath the radio.

I stopped and threw my door open, holding the cup outside.  After a moment I realize it was a lost cause, so I opened the lid and poured out the contents.  Then I pulled the rest of the way into the space and cleaned up the sticky mess as much as I could.


I went into work and ate my lunch, sans lemonade.  About 2 pm I realized I still really wanted some, so I made the long walk to the back of building to the vending machines.  We almost always have lemonade.  Not today.  Orangeade yes, lemonade, of course not.


But now you'll excuse me because my husband has just returned with dinner and a big glass of lemonade.

*happy sigh*

ETA:  I'm very sad to report that Bob Evans has the most horrible lemonade I've ever tasted.  Even sugar did not help.  They also forgot my cole slaw and prepared a completely inedible BLT.  I lose today.


Anonymous said...

I drank a lot of lemonade when pregnant with Lizzie. Tobin is notorious for poking holes in styrofoam cups. He's made plenty of messes. He usually doesn't tell me about it and I end up getting sprayed when I go to clean it up. He has also left milk to curdle in an impaled styrofoam cup, now that is nasty!

Darcy said...

Lol...NOW I understand your story. :) I'm glad you finally got your lemonade, even if you did have to wait until the end of the day. When I was pregnant with Will, I had cravings for root beer. I don't even like root beer.