Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ouchies x 2

I never thought I would be so frustrated to not be able to exercise!  I was happy to find I'd still managed a modest 1.2 lbs loss last week, even with only three days of exercise before my back issues reared their ugly head.  On Friday, the pain was just as bad as Thursday, so I called in to work and went to the doctor.  No surprise, I was suffering from severe muscle spasms.  Apparently, a nerve in my back gets caught in the spasming muscles and that causes the sharp sudden pains.  Not fun.  I left with prescriptions for a five day course of steroids, plus a pain reliever/anti inflammatory, and a muscle relaxer.  I got home, took the medicines and spent the rest of the day sleeping.

Friday and Saturday were also our yard sale.  I wasn't much help on Friday, but I managed to help a little Saturday morning, taking money and giving out change.  By Sunday my back was feeling a little better, so I managed grocery shopping and a little bit of laundry, but mostly I rested.  It's still painful, particularly in the morning, but it's much better now.  I wish it was completely pain free, but unfortunately that is taking longer than I expected.  I am considering a short workout on my elliptical tonight to test the waters and see if the low impact exercise works and doesn't aggravate it.  I'm dying to get back on track, but I know I can't rush it and I don't want to make it worse.  We'll see how it goes.

I had to take Tyler to the doctor today.  He got what we thought was some sort of bug bit on Sunday night and it was looking nasty and his leg was really swollen.  The doctor thinks it was more likely a hornet sting!  Poor buddy!  He's going to be on an antibiotic just in case the swelling is indicative of an infection and it should be better in a few days.  Poor guy!  He was in a good mood though, talking the doctor's ear off!  I swear that child loves the sound of his own voice!  He runs around telling people anything and everything!  He went on and on about our yard sale and how we made lots of money for the fair.  And about his trip to the Children's Museum, which has to be six months ago!  LOL I love that little man!

Last, but not least on the updates!  We have a CRAWLER!!  AJ has been working on it for weeks now, rocking back and forth, lifting his hand but not quite putting the pieces together, but finally Sunday morning, with all of us watching, he crawled!  He's no pro at it, but I think he'll have it mastered pretty quickly!  He's getting so big, almost 10 months already!  I can't believe it!

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Darcy said...

I hope Tyler's leg is doing better (and your back) and wow...won't be long before AJ is a year old. Hard to believe!