Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pic of the week: By chance

Tonight while mom and I were getting ready to make dinner, I glanced out the back door. I saw what I thought was a green plastic sack stuck in the frame of our swing. It was pretty large to be a plastic bag and it seemed to have a round opening in it. Mom and I went out to see what it was.

It was a paper balloon, made if something like tissue paper. Its round and open at the bottom. Mom.thinks they are made with something you can light in fire in the opening, like a hot air balloon, so it becomes a floating lantern. On it, written in black marker, it says "In memory of Michael Aaron Roddy 5-31-76 7-18-13 #1 Love Ya Always". What a beautiful thing to find, what a nice tribute.

I went online and found his obituary. It was just the basic one, with birth and death dates and funeral information. So I googled his name and found him listed on the funeral homes website. There was a place to sign a guestbook so I left them a note saying I'd found it.

I feel honored, somehow.  Even though it was just chance that made it land in my yard, I feel honored. Rest in peace Michael Roddy.


Hope said...

Wow! I bet the family will feel honored, too, by your taking the time to write a note.

Leah Campbell said...

That's beautiful. It probably means a lot to the family to know where it landed as well.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! It will probably make his family feel good that someone else was touched by him even if only through finding the balloon!