Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Grumble Grumble Something Fun

I've sort of been in a grumbly annoyed mood most of this week.  Between barely surviving and ear infection/antibiotic allergic reaction/diarrhea/diaper rash week with poor AJ, annoyances at work, weight loss plateau that won't end, more roller coaster weather (brief amazing respite to cold and rotten mood Monday/Tuesday followed by rain/sleet/snow/cold today), and various other dramas of small proportions, I'm just generally a grouch.  So today I thought I'd post about something fun that happened and ignore myself and my bad mood.

So I mentioned that Adam and I had seen Frozen on our most recent date night (yes, a cartoon without our kids and it was great so there).  Well Tyler heard us say this and he'd seen commercials for the movie and kept saying he wanted to see this.  We'd recently remarked that it seems like he was finally able to sit still watching a full length DVD and we thought maybe he was ready to get through a movie at a theater without a problem, plus my sisters have both asked to take him and I wanted to do it the first time.  So, we decided that I'd take him to see Frozen on Sunday.

Now, I am not an expert on 5 year old boys, but for many years, my particular 5 year old boy has been a little bit of a challenge when he's excited about something.  He'll drive you crazy asking if it's time for whatever it is he's looking forward to.  We've learned the hard way.  So even though we decided this several days prior and wanted to tell him, we waited until literally like an hour before we were leaving, and only then because he asked for a snack and I planned to get him something when we got there.  And even then, he was pretty antsy waiting to leave. 

Adam stayed home with AJ so Tyler and left the house about 30 minutes or so before the showing.  The theater isn't far, so we got their pretty quickly, with Tyler chattering away excitedly.   We bought our tickets (yay matinee price) and then stopped at the restroom (smart mama).  Tyler chose sour patch kids and apple juice at the concession stand (ugh, what a combo) and I indulged in a small popcorn and a diet soda.  We got settled in the not-very-crowded theater and Tyler proceeded to wiggle excitedly through the previews.

A little selfie action before the previews

Suffice it to say, HE LOVED IT!  And he was super well-behaived. In fact, I was checking to make sure he was okay because he wasn't constantly whispering or anything.  He was a little wiggly, but the chairs aren't exactly made for kids.  I was freezing, even putting my coat back on over my long sleeve shirt, but he said he wasn't cold.  He'd catch me looking at him every so often and give a big grin and a little happy dance.  At one point he did ask where "the snowman" (Olaf) was.  The commercial is a little Olaf-heavy but he actually doesn't show up until a good 45 minutes into the movie at least.  But anyway, Tyler got a lot of laughs from Olaf's antics.  He seemed to really like the music too. When the credits were rolling, he got up, but I had him wait until the lights came up, so we were rocking and dancing to Let It Go.

Tyler gives the movie two thumbs up!

So we had a great time and went home so he could tell Daddy, Gaga, and Aunt Chall that the move was "spectacular" and "funny".  I'm told he even gave my mom a real play-by-play later on!

The only problem?  Now he's already after us to see Mr Peabody and Rio 2.  I've told him movies are a special treat and gave him a few ideas on how to earn more trips there.  So hopefully it'll be a win-win!  Daddy has dibs on the next trip!


notanillusion said...

Can I take him to see the Lego movie? Pretty pretty please!!!!

Rach said...

Wasn't Frozen awesome? I was so surprised at how good it was. I took my nephew, but that was just my excuse to go lol. My nephew was waiting the whole time for Olaf too...I totally expected him to have a bigger role in the movie! Definitely one of my favs though. I'm glad AJ's feeling better and that Tyler was a gem at the movie! My nephew wasn't that good!