Monday, January 5, 2015

In Need of A Niche

Well the end of the year is over, which means that I will (hopefully) have more time for blogging again!  It seems like in the last year or so, this space has really become more of a journal.  I don't mind that, really, since it'll be a nice way for me to remember these times with my kids. I don't want to eliminate that, really, but the writer in me has yearned for more of a purpose for quite awhile.  I tried once, with Ask An Infertile (I still love this idea, but I didn't have much luck getting it off the ground).  I've recently fallen in love with Vloggers on YouTube, but I'm not sure I could go that route.  I'm not a super fashionista and I don't have time to do all the crafty stuff I like.  I'm fresh out of ideas for my novel too lol. 

It's strange, wanting so badly to be part of something, to contribute something, but not having FOUND the something yet.

I do hope it comes along to me someday....

1 comment:

Stasy said...

I feel like that at times, too. I want to write and do, but there are no ideas there.