Friday, June 22, 2007

The promised land

What is it with cats? My cat Tippy, has made it her life's work to squeeze by unsuspecting ankles into the hallway of our second floor condo. She's very determined. And why does she want in the hallway? Because she's not allowed in there. And what does she do when she gets there? She rolls around on the carpet orgasmically. What is so great about the hall carpet? It's cheap commercial grade! And it's not especially cool in the hall or something. The little slut just wallows on the floor giving me the eyeball while I'm trying to herd her back into the house so I can go to work. At which point she finally decides that she's ready to go back in anyways, strolls past me, pauses at the dog cage, teases Gracie with her tail, and wanders off to do whatever it is my cats do while I'm at work.


1 comment:

notanillusion said...

This is because cats in general are crackheads.