Sunday, February 13, 2011


Yesterday I had to go to a local college to do an errand for my mom. The grounds were pretty deserted, as it was pretty early. I parked my car and started walking. It brought back memories of my college days and I realized how much I liked college. It was the most independent time of my life. I lived at home the first couple of years, but I had a car and that allowed me more independence than I'd ever known. I worked on campus during most of my time in school, so I spent most of my time there.

It was a time where I was able to truly be my own boss, funnily enough. I could skip class to do something fun if I wanted to. I could buy a coffee and chat on my cell phone and feel so very adult.

It sounds silly to say these things, it's sort of trivial, but those feelings came back to me for a few minutes walking around there. I met some great people in college, two of my best friends. I grew up, which I imagine is common. I had my heart broken for the first time. I met my husband while in college. I learned to lead, rather than to just follow.

It was nice to be reminded of that feeling. I learned a lot of responsibility and yet it was still a pretty simple time. I could stretch my wings and still have someone there to catch me. These days I feel like I do more catching than stretching!

This is like my fourth serious post in a row! I'll try to bring some funny next time! Thanks to all my readers! I actually have a few now :)

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