Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowpocalypse 2011

So in case you haven't heard, there was a huge winter storm that roared it's way across the country this week. Indiana, where I live, was slammed with ice and snow. In my area, we got mostly ice. I think we ended up with over 2 or 3 inches of ice. My boss excused us from work yesterday and today my office was officially closed.

My mom and I ventured outside today to try to defrost the cars. I appreciated the warm clothes my mother in law got me for Christmas! I wore leggings under jeans and a turtle neck and a sweater, plus my coat, two pairs of socks, boots, a scarf and two pairs of gloves. We started off by getting the door open on the van. That took several minutes. Then we started the van. Then I ventured down our somewhat steep driveway and broke into my sister's SUV and our SUV, starting them and turning up the heat and defrosters. Then we attacked the van with two ice scrapers. It took a long time! I was literally whacking the van with the handle of my scraper to break holes in the ice to scrape!

It took awhile, but all three cars are now free from their ice cubes. The rest of these two days have been spent taking care of Adam and Tyler, who are both sick. Tyler scared me yesterday...his fever got pretty high. I gave him a lukewarm bath and it hasn't crept back up too high since. He's so clingy when he's sick, we're joined at the hip! Honestly, it's been a challenge to get him to let me go to the bathroom!

Also, on Tuesday I watched the funeral of my former classmate and fallen police officer David Moore. I was glad to be home to watch it. It was very touching.

So that's been my life the last two days. The main roads seem better, so I'm betting I'll be working tomorrow! It's been strange! Everyone panicked about this storm, there was a lot of concern about power outages, but we were spared, thank goodness!

Everyone stay safe in this weather! Thanks always for reading :)

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The Great Elephant Symposium said...

Wow! Your ice day was worse than mine! I didn't really have any ice on my car but the roads were definitely icy! I hope your kiddos start feeling better soon!