Thursday, April 7, 2011


I have spent the better part of a week fighting (yet again) with my cell phone provider, Sprint.  If I was ever going to go completely postal on a company it would be them!

It all started in October when I called to try to see if I could lower my bill.  We were struggling money-wise and I thought I'd check.  They discovered that I wasn't getting a discount that I was supposed to be getting and my darling husband had never noticed!  They assured me they would put in for a credit for the entire 10 months I had not been getting my discount, but that it might not be in time for the next billing cycle. 

Nearly 2 months later, I still hadn't seen it, so I called to check and see what the status was.  I was told it can take up to 3 billing cycles.  I informed them that I was not told that.  She apologized and told me that I was eligible to resign my contract and get a different credit that would show up immediately, thus allowing me to skip a payment in December.  I needed that, so I agreed.  She told me to just go to any Sprint store and I could also upgrade my phones.  A few weeks later, I did that, but left the store without buy because I wasn't sure.  I found one online for a good deal (free) and called to order.  Then I was told that I was only eligible for a PARTIAL credit, which meant I would have to pay about 50 bucks a phone to upgrade.

By now I was mad.  No one told me that.  Not even close!  I argued and this one guy said he was going to transfer me, but he'd explain everything first and he thought they could probably push that through.  Then he dumped me to the completely wrong department with no explanation.  I was livid.  The poor girl who answered could do nothing for me. She was nice, but she couldn't even transfer me anywhere.  I finally had to call back in and start all over.  At the end, I did not get the full upgrade then.  Before hanging up, I wanted to check the status of my refund. 

Then they told me that I could only get a three month refund.  No.  Not.  At.  All.  I unloaded on them, eventually getting the refund I was owed.  And being assured that on April 1st, I would be eligible for a full upgrade.

I waited a little impatiently and a few days before the first, I called to check what plans Sprint has for Smartphones.  I had my heart set on having one if we could afford it.  I talked to a girl and she explained the cheapest plan is $129.99.  She saw that I have 3 phones on my plan and a discount. She calculated my discount and estimated my bill to be $112 a month for 3 smartphones. I needed to consider this, so I thanked her and told her I'd call back with a decision after the 1st.

We talked about it and decide to indulge ourselves.  So I called on Friday to order them and all of the sudden there was an extra $19.99 charge for the third phone plus $10.00 per phone for smartphone data.  The estimated price would be over $175.  In this exchange my phone "dropped" the call twice, forcing me to call again and start over.  I got a lot of excuses about how the plan is the plan yadayada.  Eventually I talked to a guy who seemed nice and said they were going to file a complaint about the girl who misquoted me and listen to the call. If the call was as I said it was there was a "very good chance" they could work something out and get me a better price.  he would call me on Tuesday.   I went ahead and ordered the phones, so not to miss out on the deal, but when they arrived on Monday, we did not activate them. If we had to return them we'd be charged a restocking fee if we had activated them.

Tuesday at 5pm I still hadn't heard back. I called and fought with a few people before one guy was really nasty, saying he was going to make sure if I called again I would always have to talk to him because I just didn't like the answer he was giving me.  Finally though he let me talk to his boss.  She said that the guy I'd spoken to Friday had just left me a message and did I want her to hold so I could check it. I said yes and while I used my home phone to call, she HUNG UP on me.  No dropped call.  She hung up.  And there was no voicemail message. They say that's because I was on with Sprint already so it wouldn't go through.

I was PISSED.  I called again and talked to a nice guy who said he was going to try to contact the guy from Friday for me.  He actually gave me an email address so I could contact him.  No one else would do that. 

Yesterday, William (the guy from Friday) called and he said he was passing my information on to one of the higher ups at his location and she would call as soon as she'd had a chance to look it over.  Josh, the nice guy who tried to contact William also checked in.

Today, William's boss called my cell phone but he was really just seeing if he could get me to give up.  While I was on with him, William called.  I told him I was on with his supervisor and he said, "Bear with me a minute" and put me on hold.  I got off the phone with his boss Fredrick and waited.  A few minutes later I realize that he too had disconnected me.




So here I am, over a week into this, with an awesome phone I can't activate and a MAJOR headache.  Everytime I see their number on my phone, my heart races and I get sooooo anxious!  It's really making me sick!  I just want them to stand behind what their employees say.  I work in sales too, and that's what we have to do!  If we get the price wrong, we have to eat it!  And over and over I'm being told that something someone told me isn't true.  I'm basically being lied to.

I've considered canceling, and I still may.  I'm trying to see this through.  If anyone had an "in" at Sprint, I could really use one!

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Darcy said...

Oh, Melissa...I would be livid!. When it comes to money, I don't fool around. I wish I had some advice for you. Personally, I won't do the smartphones. I don't need it. I text and I talk and I like being able to take a pic and send it in a text if I want. I guess maybe you can just keep working your way up the ladder until you get an answer. Personally, I would cancel the account.