Friday, April 22, 2011


Adam and I took this week off work.  Today was a holiday at my office and he was scheduled to have Friday off, so we only had to take 4 days off, so we took advantage of the short week.  We haven't done too much, officially.   And yet, we've done a lot!

  • I'm with yet another cell phone company!  I was with AT&T for less than a week.  They neglected to tell us how smartphones work, leading us to go over our data usage plans in just 3 days!  Two crappy go-rounds with customer service and four calls to the person I signed up with that were ignored led me to cancel.  Now I'm with Verizon, the preferred provider of the company I work for.  They are a little more expensive, even with my corporate discount, but I have heard lots of good things about them. I really like the phone, so I have my fingers crossed that the other shoe does not drop!  Unlimited data is bliss.
  • I'm pretty proud of myself diet-wise this week.  I've managed several good workouts and I have done really well about not snacking on junk while I'm at home.  I have been eating a lot of salad and raw veggies.  I've indulged a bit here and there, but I think I've done great for being home and mere steps from the kitchen most of the week.  I have lost about 4 lbs so far, slow going, but it's progress.  Thanks always to Darcy!  And thanks to my facebook fitness group, just reading about others struggling with this gives me motivation.
  • My new office should be set up with furniture when I get to work Monday! It was a rough 2 1/2 weeks of living out of boxes and moving from place to place, but I'm excited that I will finally have a workspace WITH a door!
  • Visited the local Zoo this week.  The crowds sucked, but I did see an ENORMOUS porcupine, which was totally awesome.
  • We also visited the park.  Tyler LOVES the's absolutely priceless.  And a workout for me!
I'm out of bullet points!   Thanks always for reading! :)


notanillusion said...

You should mention little Mr. "I just need some cake!" :-D

Darcy said...

Perhaps you can make a trip to the Ft. Wayne zoo this summer. :) I haven't been there in a few years.