Monday, April 2, 2012

My Little Plum!

I wrote this last week but I couldn't publish it at the time, so here it is, a little late.  Ultrasound to come tomorrow!

So I am now 12 weeks, 3 days pregnant!  Baby is the size of a plum!  Crazy!  Everything is going well!  I saw a new OB this week (did I mention that the first one was awful?) and I love her!  Everyone in the office was friendly and joking and kind!  I'm relieved to have that figured out!  All my test results came back fine and I'm measuring just right.  I've lost a pound so far--as opposed to the 20 lbs I lost during the first few months I was pregnant with Tyler!  She used the dopplar and after a few minutes of struggle she found the baby's heartbeat!  It was so fun to hear it!  She couldn't get a good BPM count, because the placenta's bloodflow and my heartbeat were interfering, but she said it was nice and fast! :)

Next Tuesday I am going for my first trimester screening.  I'll have more bloodwork and an ultrasound. I can't wait to see my little gummy bear on screen, looking like a real baby instead of a blob!

I'm still feeling pretty good, aside from a little more nausea these days!  I went on a business trip to Birmingham, AL a few weeks ago and that was around the time that my stomach started acting up.  It's not horrible, just bothersome!  Food aversions are pretty strong, similar to with Tyler.  I don't love a lot of meat, although I'm still able to eat some.  Very few things actually sound good, aside from junk food!  LOL  The last few weeks have been pretty tiring, first with my trip, then I got sick :-P, and now...well I'm not sure why I'm so tired this week!  I stopped taking my progesterone supplement this week, and I was hoping some of the fatigue would go with it!  Fatigue is a big side effect of the medication.  So far, no luck there!  I still have some congestion from being sick last week, so I'm hoping in a few more days that'll go away and my stomach might ease up a bit.  In the meantime, I'm missing most of my television shows because I fall asleep on the couch in the evenings!

Next time I post I should have pictures to share!! :)

Oh and I have a brand new niece!!!  Elizabeth Grace was born on March 17th, a St. Paddy's Day baby!  She is gorgeous!  I hope she and her new little cousin-to-be will be as close as Tyler and Toby are! :)

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