Thursday, July 25, 2013

Poor Gracie & Photo challenge: Ground

This is a pretty typical shot of our ground (floor) in our family room. Ugly plaid carpet with a sprinkled around. In this case, one of Tyler's stompie crocodile slippers, AJ's beads, Easter bunny, stuffed monster, and his feeble toy and way in the back, Banana, a monkey Aunt G (Twin) brought Tyler from Costa Rica. We are constantly picking up toys!

In other news, we had to take Gracie to the vet today. She has a lump under her eye. We were pretty worried but "luckily" it's just an abscessed tooth. She has a round of anti-inflammatory and antibiotics and then back to the vet in a few weeks to have the tooth pulled. Yuck. Poor Gracie. And poor bank account :-/
Well Gracie has had her meds and some apologetic scrambled eggs made by me, so off to play with AJ, since he has knocked all his toys on the floor now! Day two of level two of the shred later!

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