Friday, July 12, 2013

Walk #2 and photo challenge: Bad Habit

Walked again tonight! A little slower and definitely sore.  My left heel is really not happy. My doctor says it's planter facitius (too lazy to check spelling). It comes and goes on both feet but has been constant in this heel for a few months. I think my main issue right now is shoes right now. Sandals, even non-flip-flops, apparently don't offer enough support. I'm also sore from my walk yesterday, particularly in my shins and sides. But I walked the same route as yesterday with a slight detour. A large white dog came sauntering out of his yard and planned to follow me. I stopped to alert his owner, who informed me that he.can actually open the gate!

Todays photo challenge: bad habit
Mine is after dinner snacks. I have a terrible sweet tooth! Cookies, candy, whatever. I'm fighting this, because although my fitness plan doesn't include deprivation, eating junk late in the day isn't. I did, in fact, take this picture without eating any!


Stasy said...

Plantar's sucks! I hope it eases up on you so you can keep up with your fitness plan.

ADSchill said...

Oh gosh, I had Plantar on the ball of my foot once and it hurt! I used a Dr. Sholls product and eventually it went away. Good luck on not eating those cookies! I could not have those in the house!5

Darcy said...

The right tennis shoes can help a lot. I've had issues with that before too. Easiest way to stop eating the junk food is not bring it into the house. I have a horrible sweet tooth also, but I try really hard to limit myself to items that I'm made myself. I like to bake and truthfully, nothing I buy at the store tastes as good as what I can make. This week, Will asked for a chocolate cake. Lol. Who am I to tell him no? But at least I have to go through the effort first. Keep up the good work! I know you can do it!

A Place to be Me said...

Thanks girls! Plantars really does suck a lot! I have some inserts, but they aren't really helping much. I am considering trying to find a better pair of shoes. I have New Balance and they aren't bad, but I think I need something more drastic to get through this. I'll have to decide on a better pair of inserts or new shoes.
Darcy, the tough thing is others in the house are not on the same page as me nutrition wise. I'm trying to phase in some better options and I'm definitely tempting Tyler with fruits as snacks, so baby steps! The good thing is I'm doing just fine with resisting as long as I have low cal options in the house.