Tuesday, July 9, 2013

We interrupt this challenge for an update...And Photo Challenge: Three Things

I feel like I've copped out a little on ACTUAL blog posts.  I did the "Infertile Enough" Post last month, which I worried might have gotten lost in the shuffle, but I haven't really posted much else lately.  While I'm having fun doing the challenges and it's certainly more content than I have posted in the past, I certainly want to keep things current and personal too.

So, without further ado, an update!

He'll officially be 4 1/2 at the end of this month!!  Where is the time going?!  Updates on Tyler aren't abundant, since he's older, but the main things are that he is pretty much officially potty trained!  It was way delayed, due to his constipation issues, but on good days he uses the potty every single time!  We only have issues if it's a bad day and he's constipated.  We're battling it and hoping that as things become more and more consistent, the issue will improve.  He is super into Hot Wheels right now and he's got quite a collection, probably in part because they are $.99 each and we're big old softies about it.  He has a fair amount of tracks too, including his four-lane-elimination-race given to him by my mom (super cool, it flips cars of the track at different places so that only one is left to "win") and Shark Bite Bay, which Adam discovered in a bin at Goodwill.  He knows the names of tracks and cars, mostly from watching videos on You Tube (Yes we let him do this, and yes we are careful about what subject matter he watches).  He loves to imitate the announcer voice and create his own little scenes, it's quite adorable.  He still has moments of jealousy and acting out, but he is great with AJ and loves to make him laugh!

My "baby" is a big almost-nine-month-old!  I should have an official weight in the next week or so after his next well-child visit, but I'm guessing over 20 lbs!  He is now a champion roller and really is using it as a true mode of transportation these days.  He loves to be on the floor rolling around.  He can sit up, but he rarely tolerates it for long, because what fun is there in sitting still?  He's spending more time playing in his high chair now but we try to give him time on the floor when we can.  He is (of course) the puts-everything-in-his mouth-child.  Leave it to me to have the baby that never puts things in his mouth first and the one that does second, when First has little toys that get left on the floor.  Tyler is getting better about picking up his cars and small toys but it's a struggle and we have to be vigilant when AJ is down.  A friend is giving me their playzone system and if I can find a space for it, it may be able to help give AJ a safe place to play on the floor when Tyler has his toys out.  Man, do I wish we had a bigger house right now! AJ has six teeth, two on bottom and four on top and is almost certainly working on more!  He is loud and rambunctious and silly and adorable!  He's getting really good at using his fingers, even just one finger to poke and touch things.  He isn't very interested in sitting up--he CAN, he just chooses NOT to for very long.  He is showing an extreme interest in crawling. He isn't do this yet, but he's getting pretty darn close.  He's up on all fours or on his tummy trying to pull himself forward. He can scoot backwards a little bit.  I think he will be officially mobile VERY soon and much sooner than Tyler, who didn't crawl until 11 months!  Lord help us!

Aside from updates on my little guys, nothing much is happening!  Or rather, quite a bit of nothing special, LOL.  Current goals: Figure out an exercise routine that will actually work for me, figure out how to style my hair curly, get back to working on the book, start home improvement projects, get mani/pedi before gift certificate expires at the end of the month!

Onto the photo of the day!  Today's prompt: Three Things
 Sisters!  I have three of them, they get mentioned on this blog pretty often.  Nicky is the oldest, shown on the left.  As I have mentioned before, she died at 5 months old from cancer.  Michelle is in the middle, she is three years younger than Nicky and  five years older than Angie and I.  Angie (aka Twin) is on the right.  I adore my sisters and can't imagine life without them. Even Nicky's memory has always been a big part of our lives.  Thinking of my sisters makes me happy that Tyler and AJ have each other!


Darcy said...

I knew you had a sister that died as an infant, but I didn't realize she was 5 months old. I always thought she was stillborn or died shortly after birth. That must have been really hard on your mom. I always keep up with your blog...just don't always leave comments. Hugs, Melissa! Glad we got to catch up recently.

A Place to be Me said...

Darcy--Yes it was devastating to my mom. I have no idea how she survived it, I really don't. Thanks for always reading!