Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sweating and Liking (?!) it and Photo challenge: What I'm wearing

So here I got again, back to trying to lose some of the pesky (and plentiful) weight.  It's funny, I don't weight any more than I have over the past 5 years or so.  I lost a little before I had AJ, but overall my weight has been consistent for 5 years or more. That being said, I feel like I LOOK like I weigh more now. Somehow it's distributed differently, even more concentrated at my belly and waist, although where I lost it to gain it in those places is a total mystery.  Anyway, I've been thinking about it for awhile and yesterday I had a "moment" of self-disgust and frustration, so my resolve is strong for the moment!  A friend of mine had mentioned that her doctor told her she needs to start trying to drop some weight and when she posted on facebook about it, I mentioned that I'd been thinking of creating a little facebook group to support each other.  Well, she liked the idea, so I posted a status about it to see if anyone else was interested.  That was just about 24 hours ago and so far we have 12 members including me. I'm super excited!

So I sort of failed on the calorie counting today (I use My Fitness Pal)--meaning I counted and it wasn't good.  But I still dutifully logged it and I resolve to do better tomorrow. I planned to walk at lunch, but Adam wanted to go out.  That could have been it for the workout plan, but instead, I waiting until Tyler and AJ were both asleep (about 8:30) and then I set out for a walk around my neighborhood.  The main loop of our neighborhood is just under 1 mile.  That was what I planned to do.  It was finally less than boiling hot here and it felt good to be out!  I put in headphones and listened to Spotify.  I waved to three kitties, one cute and large doggie with his front paws on a fence, and one little girl riding in a wagon with her baby brother or sister (too far away for me to tell) that was pulled by her daddy. That was cool to see, the mom and dad taking the kids for a walk together.  I noted houses for sale, cute yard decor (namely a little tree edger painted like a caterpillar).  I rounded the circle approaching my cul de sac and at the last second, I took the road to the right that leads to another smaller circle and I walked that too!  I even jogged/ran a little bit!  Probably .05-.1 mile, and I was huffing and had a stitch in my side when I slowed to a brisk walk, but I just wanted to see what it felt like!  My feet felt pretty good until about half way through the second circle, at which point I made a mental note that I now see the benefits to the popular "breathable", ultralight sneakers they are making now. Adam got me a pair for Christmas but they left my feet so cold I exchanged them.  Regretting that a bit now!  Anyway, by the time I got home, Map My Run told me I'd walked 1.71 miles in 31 minutes. Unfortunately, My Fitness Pal says that's only worth 196 calories (I estimated 3.5 miles per hour, which is actually a little less that what my pace was), but anyway, it's something and it's a place to start.

SO!  Two actual posts in a row!  And now for the daily photo challenge!

Cream cropped sweater with a lace back over a purple tank.


notanillusion said...

Map My Run does calorie counts too when you fill out your profile, and base it on your weight.

Darcy said...

Thanks for starting the group and including me in it!

Mrs. E said...

That's definitely a good start!! You just might motivate me to walk more consistently, too. Keep us posted on your progress if you can :)