Monday, July 11, 2011

In the know

That title came to me randomly and I'm not confidant that it will become relevant as I write, but I like it and so that's that.  Basically, it fit my stream of consciousness/update type blog for today!

BULLET POINTS!  you know I love them....along with ellipses!  I have also noticed that I use a lot of exclamation points.  Anyway.

  • Current obsession:  The Glee Project.  It's a reality show on Oxygen that is a competition to win a role on the show GLEE, which I love.  The kids on there are fantastic and I could actually see them all as a new Glee cast.  They are all extremely talented and although a few of them get on my nerves, they are also mostly completely endearing.  The songs are great!  
  • Still on the TTC train, no news there...waiting to ovulated...CD 20 :-P hopefully tomorrow...I've never gotten a positive OPK later than CD 21.
  • Took Tyler to the GI specialist today. They want to try a different medication for his constipation...hopefully it helps!
  • I see my Reproductive Endocrinologist NEXT WEEK!  I can't wait, I really hope it goes well.
  • I've been watching a new series called Switched at Birth.  There is a deaf character on the show and it has totally reawakened my desire to learn sign language.  On the Bucket List it goes!  
  • It is REALLY HOT here right now. Like HOT .  Like 115 degrees with the heat index.  UGH.
  • I've been slacking on my diet. I haven't really gained anything back, but I haven't lost in weeks.  Bad girl :( I need to get back to workouts
  • I'm out of bullet points and it's time for Tyler's juice!  

Now you are in the know!  LOL


missohkay said...

I use too many parentheses, so you're in good punctuation company!
Good luck with the RE appointment!

Darcy said...

I've been slacking too on the exercise. Hopefully I'll take a bike ride in the morning. The heat I can's the darn humidity that is almost unbearable. I'm a fellow punctuation junky. Lol...and I love the smiley faces. :)

notanillusion said...

It is so hot I am a hate furnace.