Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A plan!

So I had my first RE appointment!  I really like my doctor.  Even though I had to drive to Noblesville for my first visit.  From now on I'll be seen in Carmel, which is closer to work.  He's super personable and funny.  The got us in right on time, even a little early (we were early) and we didn't wait too long for the doctor...It may sound silly that I mention that, but have you noticed how long you have to wait sometimes?  Anyway, so the nurse took us back and the first thing she did was take a photo of my and my husband!  They want photos in their charts!  I thought that was really cool, they want us to be a face, not a name!

So today was mostly a consultation.  He listened to our medical and TTC history and asked some questions. Then he said that it sounds like I probably just need a little boost and I am a good candidate to try Clomid.  He said the first step is to do some bloodwork, a glucose tolerance test, and an ultrasound, plus a sperm analysis for Adam.  My part needs to be done on cycle day 3.  Depending on the results of those tests, I'll start Clomid on CD 5.  The bloodwork is to check various hormone levels etc and the glucose tolerance test is to make sure I'm not insulin resistant.  The ultrasound will mainly be a baseline to give them a clear picture of what my ovaries are doing and how things look in chateau de uterus. Later in my cycle I think I would have more blood work done to check on ovulation.  He wants me to keep using OPKs so that we get a clear picture on if Clomid is making a difference. 

According to my doctor, 33% of woman get pregnant after being treated with Clomid.  We'll do 3 or 4 cycles with Clomid and if that doesn't work he's going to do a dye test, which will check the lining of my uterus and my tubes.  At that point we would try an hormone injections.  He also told me that (and I'm writing it here so I can't forget it) that it may be frustrating at first, but not to get discouraged.  He seemed very optimistic about my chances of getting pregnant. I feel very comfortable with him.

So I have a plan!  I feel like it's a new start!  At last I am at least going to be trying something different.  I also got some good advice from a friend and I'm going to make an effort to try and stop obsessing so much and enjoy this time a little more.  Since I'm working with an RE I can't just stop using OPKs and not track at all, but I'm going to calm down a bit and readjust my thought process at least.  She laughed at me because I said I planned to try to take a bit of a break.  Yeah, I plan to relax and take a break.  My name is Melissa and I am a control freak. LOL

We'll see how it goes!  I had another positive opk today at 10:00 am but my temperature wasn't up this morning, so hopefully I ovulated today and tomorrow it'll go up.  That would put dear AF due around the 31st. 

So just a little more waiting and then on to the next step!  Thanks for reading as always and thanks for all of the support!!!  I love you guys!

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Darcy said...

I think it sounds like an excellent plan. You probably just need a little kick-start and you'll be pregnant before you know it. :)