Monday, June 3, 2013

Blog Challenge Day 1: A Family Story

How many siblings do I have?  I have three sisters, Twin, aka Angie; older sister Michelle, and my oldest sister, Nicky, who died as a baby.  My sisters and I are very close!  They visit my house at least once a week and dote on my children.  They both live within a mile of my house, which is awesome!
My hubby has one sister, Heather, who is a year and a half older than he is.  She is married to Chris and they have four kids, my nephews: Orion, Dagyn, and Toby and my niece: Lizzie
I can't imagine life of an only child!  And I'm glad Tyler and AJ have each other!  What about you?  If you have siblings, do you want more than one child?  If you are an only child, do you plan to stick to one?

This is part of a June blog challenge started by Mommy Someday at Waiting for Baby. Pop over there and join in so I can learn these things about you! 


Mrs. E said...

I forgot you were a twin--and am so happy to have been reminded :) I love watching my twins grow up...they're super, super close right now, and I hope the bond lasts. I am sorry to hear about your older sister, though. That must have been so difficult for your family.

A Place to be Me said...

I am a fraternal twin and i love it! I think twins always have a special bond. Abd thanks, i cannot imaginr how my mom coped, losing my sister at just 5 months old (she was born with cancer). She still means a lot to us, even though i never met her.