Friday, June 28, 2013

Blog Challenge Day 28: Parlez vous Francais?

Do you speak any other languages? When do you think a child should learn a new language?

 As the title I chose indicates, I speak some French.  I took 2 years in high school and 3 more years in college, earning a minor in the language.  I don't consider myself fluent, but I did enjoy it.  I did alright until I basically ended up in literature and writing classes IN FRENCH.  Nope, over my head. I muddled through, but I think they may be right about saying there is a point where you can't learn anymore unless you immerse yourself in it.  I would love to travel to France or Quebec someday to try out my rusty skills!

I have also always been fascinated by ASL (American Sign Language) and it's on my bucket list to learn to speak it.  I know a few words and the alphabet.

I think it can be beneficial for a child to learn a new language and starting early is probably a good thing.  I don't have much interest in Spanish though, for a variety of reasons, and most other languages aren't really that useful!  Anyway, it's a great skill and if a child has the opportunity to learn a language.  Younger is probably better, but I think it's a good thing in high school as well.

This is part of a June blog challenge started by Mommy Someday at Waiting for Baby. Pop over there and join in so I can learn these things about you!

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