Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Blog Challenge Day 4, Favorite Snack

Wow this is a hard one! I'm a bad snacker!  I could list a lot, and it ranges from good fruits and veggies to ice cream and chocolate, not to mention day 3's topic of frozen cokes and slushies!  Can anyone really just pick one thing?  I can't!

Cherry Sourballs!  From the days of real candy shops!  Cheap imitations need not apply!

Potato Chips

I'm going to admit something to go along with the potato chips.  I make a really weird dip.  I call it "hot dog dip"--No, it doesn't have hot dogs in it, but rather my favorite hot dog fixings.  I'm so embarrassed to admit this!  Ketchup, mustard, and pickle relished mixed together and I dip the chips in it!  Yes I know it sounds gross but it's GOOD!

OK so I don't end with the weird one, because someone else mentioned it in a post and now I'm CRAVING one!
What's your snack of choice?  Make me CRAVE it! :)

This is part of a June blog challenge started by Mommy Someday at Waiting for Baby. Pop over there and join in so I can learn these things about you! 

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S.I.F. said...

Oh yum! I haven't had peppermint patties since I was a kid - sounds delish!