Thursday, June 20, 2013

Blog Challenge Day 20: Open Adoptions

What sounds reasonable in an open adoption - I.e. how much contact is do-able?

Again, this isn't a subject I feel very qualified to speak on, nor do I think every situation  fits any one piece of advice.  Some families can allow a lot of involvement easily.  Others end up very limited or feel the need to stop almost completely.  I think it's a wide range, and that's okay.  From pictures and short updates once or twice a year, all the way to periodic visits and invitations to important events, I think they can all work.  It depends on the adoptive parents, the birth parent(s), and the child.

This is part of a June blog challenge started by Mommy Someday at Waiting for Baby. Pop over there and join in so I can learn these things about you!

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