Friday, June 21, 2013

Blog Challenge Day 21: TTC Blogger

Tell me about a TTC blog I don't have on my blog roll - why should I go visit?

I would like to recommend Jennifer at It's Jennifer Juniper.

 I've only started reading her blog recently, but I am struck most by her honesty.  She is new to blogging and new to TTC, but already she's facing the challenges we know so well.  She has a twin sister (like me!  But they are identical) who suffers from PCOS, so when she started to experience the symptoms after getting of BC, she knew she needed to seek treatment.  She's recently started on metformin and clomid.  She's married to Mr. Roo, who sounds amazing and she loves doting on her nephew, who is ADORABLE!  She writes with such honesty, it's impossible not to want to follow along and see what happens!  So go on over there and show her some blog love!

This question originally said no preggies please, but since Mommy Someday is preggo herself now, she asked for reccomendations of other newly preggos, so here's a bonus!

I recommend Amanda at Beloved Burnt Toast .  Amanda write a blog I started following a few months ago.  She is a pretty amazing lady and you just kind of want to hang out with her! She suffered the devastating loss of her twin girls in April at 8 weeks after conceiving them through FET (frozen embryo transfer).  She just found out that she's pregnant again so stop by and send her lots of sticky vibes!

This is part of a June blog challenge started by Mommy Someday at Waiting for Baby. Pop over there and join in so I can learn these things about you!

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Jennifer Juniper said...

Oh my gosh, I am honored you chose me! Thanks so much! You're so sweet!! xoxoxoxoxo!!!