Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Blog Challenge Day 11: Our Wedding

Describe your wedding:

Aw I like this one!  I apologize in advance for the pictures. I realized I only have one picture digitally!  Crazy!  I guess I need to get around to scanning the copies from my photographer! Note to self...Anyway, so instead I took pictures OF the pictures.  Good stuff.

Adam and I got married on July 17th, 2004, almost NINE YEARS ago!  We'd been together since July 2002, so two years before we married, and we had been engaged for a year.  Our wedding day was warm and sunny and our wedding was outdoors, in a park in Greenwood.  When we were looking for venues, we decided we wanted an outdoor ceremony and I wanted to try to find a gazebo. We checked some pricing options (our budget was VERY Limited) and then went down to this park. we walked around and found a small wooden gazebo.  We spent a few minutes examining it and while I was murmuring my appraisals, Adam was very quiet.  Finally, he blurted out, "I can't get married here!".  I was startled and asked why and he admitted that seeing it reminded him that he'd been here before.  With his old girlfriend.  And they used to make out here.


So we walked some more and went to the community center, where they told us where to find a second gazebo.  This one was located at the very edge of the park, in what they called the Children's Garden.  It's a small area, with a white wrought iron gazebo, a short stone path, lined by homemade tiles painted by children, with a small fountain and various flowers and plants.  It was perfect--even though it was also nestled between a set of train tracks and a fire station!

The Gazebo

I bought a beautiful gown from a local bridal store.  A-line, with a halter neck and a beaded/embroidered floral ribbon detail trim.  The back had more of the trim, splitting at the waistline and falling to the short train in a pretty detail.  I'm bad at describing it, but it was perfect for me!  My aunt made the bouquets of lavender artificial flower, my bridesmaids wore lavender dresses (one of the few choices I regret. The ones we chose really didn't suit anyone, although the color was pretty), and Adam and his groomsmen sported lavender vests.  My mom made centerpieces for the reception (held indoors at the community center) made of small glass candle holders with purple, white and clear stones, candles, ribbons and other accessories set on doilies of tulle or small round mirrors.  She also made all of the food for the reception and made a white runner for the aisle.  Too bad the boys got distracted and forgot to roll it out!  We splurged on the wedding cake and renting chairs for the service.

The night before the wedding Adam stayed at his dad's and my sister's spent the night with me.  I woke super early, so excited! The morning was spent getting my hair done with my friend Kelly and then going to the mall to a makeup counter to get my make up done.  My hair was curled and pinned up, with a small jeweled piece and a veil.  My sister's and I then went to my grandma's house in Greenwood to get dressed.  Then my great aunt, my grandma, and I got in her van and drove to the community center, where we would finish getting ready and wait for time to start.  My bridesmaids and my mom were there.  I had a minor freak out because my wedding cake was MIA, but eventually it arrived safely.  It's all a blur from then on!  Adam's nephew served as ring bearer in his adorable little tux, my cousin was the flower girl, and my sisters and friends served as bridesmaids.  My husbands friends, BIL and believe it or not, my ex boyfriend, turned good friend was also a groomsman (weird I know). Just before we were going to start I realized I was still wearing my engagement ring. I'd refused to go without it for long and had forgotten Adam would need to pair it with my wedding band (the pieces fit around each other).  Luckily Adam's sister was nearby with the guestbook and she ran it around the gazebo and passed it to the best man!

 My dad walked me down the aisle to "Pachabel's Canon" which was unfortunatly being blasted from my DJ's truck.  Yeah so ghetto, I was shocked that this was their plan, but really had no choice but to go with it. That wasn't discussed before that day.

I remember walking down the aisle, feeling embarrassed!  Everyone was looking at me and I'm not used to it!  But I saw Adam and he was teary and I forgot everything else.  The ceremony was a blur. I had trouble with the darn lighters when we went to light the unity candle (made by my grandmother using our invitation!), but it was sort of cute I guess lol.

Unity Candle made by my Grandma

When the ceremony was over, we took pictures outside for what seemed like forever!  I had to beg someone to go inside for my blinged out tennis shoes, since my heels were KILLING ME.  After pictures, we went in for the reception. Food, dancing, speeches, and gifts.  It was really fun, although I wish we had more time, it felt a little rushed to fit everything in!  And I feel back because my mom ran around the whole time, tending to everything and probably never got to enjoy herself.  We shared our cake (no smashing!) and our first dance and all the traditional things, stopping only briefly during things to eat a little bit!

The only piece of cake I ate at the wedding

First Dance to Bryan Adams "Everything I Do, I Do it for You"

Before I knew it we were done and being PELTED (I'm not kidding, it hurt!) with bird seed.  I pulled that stuff out of EVERYTHING that night.  We got in the car and drove home!  On the way it started raining a little and I was so thankful it hadn't rained sooner!

First Kiss and the cover of our wedding album
That's really a pretty terrible description!  The day was amazing, but a total blur! 

This is part of a June blog challenge started by Mommy Someday at Waiting for Baby. Pop over there and join in so I can learn these things about you!


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